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MAPL is one of India’s largest privately held drilling contractors, providing both underground and surface drilling services to clients across the country. We provide complete geological consulting, geophysical logging, exploration drilling, CBM production drilling etc. all under one roof.

MAPL maintains an excellent record with its clients and makes sure that all their requirements are taken care of.Company size, experience and equipment fleet combine to complete the toughest of jobs safely, cost effectively, on schedule and with a commitment to keeping environmental impact to a minimum.
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Diamond Core Drilling is necessary for the final confirmation of occurrence of the mineral, its quality, geological details and reserve estimation. In India, we are the preferred choice of various government and large private houses as.

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Geological core logging is a preliminary method of determining grade, size, minebility of a potential mineral deposit of an area by describing a core obtains from a drilled hole, in terms of lithology, structure, engineering properties etc.

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MAPL is true partner for determining the accurate volume of Gas-In-Place from a Coal Bed Methane reservoir in CBM industry. MAPL is equipped with the best instruments and most experienced persons in Gas Desorption..

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To determine the economic feasibility of coal bed methane well, it is necessary to evaluate the productive potential of coal seams prior to well fracturing and formal production including trial production.Generally, the reservoir data

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