Blast Hole

MAPL provides the complete service for mine site drilling and blasting requirements. Proper training is imparted to drillers and offsiders and the crews are supported by experienced on-site drilling supervisors, maintenance staff and management.

In the year 1996, we had drilled a substantial quantity of 150 mm dia blast holes(>1 Lakh m) under rate contract with BCCL at their different projects(OCPs) like GOCP, Ghanudih OCP, Bera OCP, OCPs of Basta Colliery-North Teesra OCP, South Teesra OCP, Jeenagora OCP of Lodhna area, Bhowra OCP etc. Besides this we have drilled huge quantities of 150 mm dia blast holes in BCCL, NCL areas time to time as and when required since 1980.