Drilling and Grouting work

Since 1980, MAPL has executed several important and emergent assignments related to Drilling and Grouting work in dams, mines and tunnels. Curtain grouting and grout ability tests at Chilla Power House, Khodri Power House, Lakhwar Dam and Jamrani Dam under U.P. Irrigation have been very successfully completed where huge quantity of cement grout was utilized. The enterprise has been executing drilling and grouting work in almost all the NHPC projects in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and North Bengal on a regular basis. The success story of our firm in the field of Drilling & Grouting service covers consolidation by grouting of a free flowing fault zone in a drift under drive in Ghanshyam Colliery of ECL including fixing and grouting of 30 meter long anchor bars in holes in the year 1995-96; stabilization of strata after complete collapse of long wall face in Jhanjra colliery (ECL) in 1997; and stabilization of coal pillars to prevent collapse of long wall face in Khottadih Colliery in 1998.