Health & Safety

Work Health and Safety is an integral part of MAPL philosophy and management systems with the objectives to:
 Prevent workplace accidents and disease
 Protect employees from safety and health hazards which may arise out of their work by
providing safe workplaces, plant and systems of work
 Establish and maintain best practice programs to meet the policy

Management at all levels is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the occupational health and safety system to eliminate hazards and control the risks within the work environment.Employees have a responsibility to ensure their own safety and health, and the safety and health of others, and to comply with instructions given.  Co-operation and consultation with employees is a key factor to achieving the objectives of this policy.

The MAPL Work health and safety management system:

 Establishes and maintains a safe working environment and prevent injury or illness in the workplace.
 Provide training, information, instruction and supervision for all employees to enable workers to perform their duties safely.
 Identifies hazards, assess the risks and implement measures to control the risks.
 Complies with relevant statutory legislation.
 Works with client WHS policies
 Is adequately resourced to implement the system


MAPL provides a working environment where people can learn and grow in their careers. This requires attracting qualified and diverse talent, training them to perform to our high standards, and providing them with opportunities to enhance their learning. Talent development at MAPL includes training and leadership development activities. We provide all employees with job-specific training and deliver safety training through our comprehensive safety management program.


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