Geological Services

1) Core Logging: – Geological core logging is a preliminary method of determining grade, size, minebility of a potential mineral deposit of an area by describing a core obtains from a drilled hole, in terms of lithology, structure, engineering properties etc. in naked eye for formation evaluation and depositional environmental analysis. Logging of coal cores includes demarcation & division of coal according to their grade.
2) Sampling: – Sampling is process where potential mineral resources are carefully collected according to their grade, packed in proper manner & preserved for chemical analysis.
3) Mapping: – Geological mapping is the process of selecting an area of interest & identifying all geological aspect about physiography, lithology, and structures of that area with the purpose of preparation of a detailed geological report which include a map. Generally geological mapping is executed in three phases – Planning, data collection & reporting and always expressed in a proper scale. Preliminary aerial photo survey is done along with geological mapping which gives a sense about the relief of that terrain. Lithological mapping is done to identify rock types of that area & it includes demarcation of boundary of different rock types. Structural study is done to identify different geological structures i.e. fold, faults, foliation, lineation etc, from which we gives an idea about the potential zone of weakness.
4) Geological Report including preparation of :
i. Band by Band advice
ii. Seam Overall Advice
iii. Seam structure
iv. Nomenclature & sequence of coal seam
v. Seam correlation diagram
vi. Floor & Roof Contour preparation
vii. Iso-chore & iso-parting plan drawing
viii. Calculation of reserve.