Geophysical Wire-line Logging Services:

MAPL utilizes state of the art technology & methods for exploration of various minerals, coal assessment works, Coal Bed Methane, Radioactive minerals, Hydrological studies, Water well installation, Litho-logical Studies & other services.
MAPL has the Geophysical Loggers with latest digital data acquisition system & undertake the logging with different tools like Density-Caliper, Neutron, Gamma-ray, Resistivity, Full Wave Sonic, Spectral Gamma Ray, Deviation, Flow-meter, Acoustic Tele-viewer & Magnetic Susceptibility tools in open hole & cased hole by industrially well experienced logging engineers. We firmly believe that Geophysical Logging services play a major role in assessment & planning of mineral resources and hence ensure the clients’ benefits with services rendered. Our précised open hole logging services also include advanced interpretation and magnificent presentation of the acquired data from the field.
In fleet of MAPL, there are 8 numbers of Logging Unit of different makes with different designs satisfying different purposes. Some of them are equipped with Hydraulically driven winch and some have electrically driven winch. We have some systems for exclusively Production wells for particularly CBM industry and rest of them is used for clients from minerals and coal industry.
MAPL has two types of Digital Data Acquisition Systems with multiple combinations which are from Robertson Geo-logging Ltd, UK and Century Geophysical Corp., USA. Data acquired from both types of the system are interpreted with the extremely versatile software WellCAD and are presented in the desirable industrial format by the clients.