Foundation investigations (geotechnical) have to be carried out for heavy civil constructions like hydroelectric power projects, dams, bridges, drivage of tunnels etc. Geotechnical investigation uses core drilling method to understand the behavior and properties of soil and rock around a site for designing earthworks and foundations.
We have been doing extensive core drilling work for hydro-electric and rail-road projects in all the Himalayan States starting from J&K to Arunachal Pradesh including Nepal for geo-engineering investigation for private and public sector companies like NHPC, UJVNL, UP Irrigation, Reliance Energy, RITES, NEEPCO etc. Exploratory Core Drilling and Permeability Testing work has been extensively carried out, both on river bank and in flowing water from barge in most of the hydro-electric projects of NHPC Ltd. in Arunachal Pradesh.