Underground Drilling

Underground Drilling is carried out for several applications in mines and tunnels. MAPL has been involved with all types of drilling since last 35 years and has diverse fleet of machinery and a vast pool of expert manpower to execute such operations. Drilling is carried out at all angles from vertically upward to vertically downward as per requirement of the client. Drilling (coring or non-coring holes as per requirement) for dewatering of overlying seams with burnside safety apparatus, geological work( proving barrier), stabilization works along with grouting in tunnels, curtain grouting holes in drainage galleries etc., are some of the works done by the company in this field. We also have capacity to undertake large dia. non-coring holes for various applications in underground mines. Some of our clients in this field are TISCO, ECL, BCCL, IISCO, and we have also worked in tunnels of various hydroelectric projects of different state governments in the Himalayas.